Are you having a hard time teaching your kids about the basics of mathematics? Then perhaps you have to change your teaching style as it may not be effective. Nowadays, a very common way of teaching is by means of a fun-filled activity or perhaps a game so that they will learn at the same time enjoy. Through this technique, children will definitely not become bored and they will surely have fun and learn addition.

This online game which teaches addition is known as Balloon Pop Math. In this online game, the player’s main role is to pop balloons that contain numbers in it that would add up to the given sum at the lower right corner. However, since popping balloons are just very simple, a certain twist is given in the game by means of a limit to the number of moves with regards to popping the balloons. Therefore, once the limit is reached, in this case, is nine, the game will be over.

Also, when playing the game balloon pop math, there is a time limit, therefore, players of this game should be quick enough in popping balloons and completing the sums so that they can get the maximum score possible before the time is up. Moreover, players should also be focused when playing the balloon pop math, so that they will not pop balloons that is more than the given sum because when this happens, the game is also over.

Indeed, this game is an excellent way to teach kids addition in a fun and interesting manner.

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