Balloon Pop Math

Is your child having a hard time learning math? Does he find it boring? Is he not interested in the subject? Then, perhaps this application will change their thoughts about mathematics. Web developers have developed an online application that will not only involve fun and enjoyment but also learn, specifically mathematics. It is designed in a way similar to a game so that children will be enticed to play while at the same time gradually improving their mathematics skills, more particularly in the field of addiction. The game or application is known as balloon pop math.

When playing balloon pop math, the main goal of the player is to burst the balloons in order to come up with a total sum that is displayed at the lower right of the screen inside a star. However, it is also important that they burst balloons with the smallest possible moves because there is a limit to the number of moves that could possibly be done within a single game and that is 9. That is why players should make wise choices in bursting the balloons and choose the numbers accurately to come up with the sum.

Furthermore, when playing balloon pop math there is also a given time limit, therefore, players must make sure that they solve as many sums as possible before the time is up so that they can get the highest score possible. Also, players should make sure that they correctly hit the numbers which will come up with the exact sum, because once you miscalculate and add too much then the game will also be over.

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