Balloon Pop

Teaching your kids mathematics is definitely not an easy task. This is due to the fact that most kids nowadays do not have a huge liking for the subject. When they hear the word math, they tend to shrink and disappear because they do not enjoy learning this subject matter. However, perhaps things may change if the approach in teaching is done in another way, more particularly by means of an online game. Since nowadays, children are greatly hooked to playing games online then perhaps, having an application which not only provides fun and enjoyment but also knowledge about mathematics will entice them to try learning and eventually like the subject itself.

The online game we are referring to is the Balloon Pop Math. This is basically an online application designed to teach children about the basics of mathematics. Here, the player is tasked to pop the balloons that have numbers in it so that they will arrive at a sum that is provided at the lower right corner of the screen. It is also enclosed in a star.

Aside from that, players of the game balloon pop math should also make it a point to pop as few balloon as possible since there is a limit to the number of moves or popped balloons which in this case is nine. Furthermore, balloon pop math has a time limit, therefore one should make sure to complete as many sums as possible before the time is up and also one should see to it that they pop the right balloons with a designated number just equal to the given sum or else it will be game over.

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