Pop Math

Balloon Pop Math is an online application that is designed to help children enjoy the subject mathematics. This a great tool so that kids who do not have the desire to learn mathematics will now see it in a lighter manner because learning by means of a game is so much more fun. In this game, the main goal is to burst or pop balloons with numbers that will add up to the sum that is provided at the lower right of the screen and is enclosed in a star.

However, it is not as easy as that, because just like the subject mathematics, it may look simple at first but solve a given problem is quite challenging. In the game balloon pop math, players must take note that they should pop balloons to come up with the sum but they should also make sure that they pop the least number of balloons because there is a limit to the number of moves per game and when the player reaches the limit, the game is over.

Furthermore, this game also has a time limit, therefore, the players should make sure that they solve many sums before the time is up so that they can get the highest possible score. Also, players should be keen when popping balloons and make sure that the numbers inside the popped balloons add up to the given sum because once you add too much then the game will also be over. Indeed, balloon pop math is an excellent game for kids.

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